AHL 1 vs St. Brigid's
Saturday, 16th June 2018

Result: 1 22 to 0 16

Boden fluency too much for St. Brigids

A windy Saturday evening at HQ was the setting for round 6 of AHL 1, the meeting of St. Brigids and Ballyboden. The change of weather to our more usual summer temperature was among the discourse on the rail, but this was surely a secondary discussion choice to the more important issue on the minds of the assembled Boden supporters, namely Castlewardengate. Members were looking for an update on the ‘case of the missing shoes’, and any progress on the resolution of same. At Friday night’s presentation of prizes for the golf outing at Castlewarden G.C., the members were briefed on the details, how Nedzers shoes vanished from the locker room, only to be replaced with a much inferior pair, scuffed and unhandsome. The matter is now the subject of an enquiry and a substantial insurance claim by the dispossessed.

The match itself was very much a case of two halves, caused by the influence of a strong wind blowing into Curtin’s back door at Cremorne. Boden opened up with a flurry of scores from Collie O’Neill, Paul Doherty, Dean Curran and Niall Ryan. However the contribution of Doherty was particularly notable from his free-taking and an assortment of stylish points from the middle third of the field. Others to impress were James Madden and Shane Durkin who not alone dominated the Boden defensive line, but also raided into forward positions to create and score fine points. Brigids had their stars too with Luke Purtill, Darragh Plunkett and Brian Moran standing out. Dublin star Paul Winters also impressed for the visitors and gave a master class in free-taking. Late in the half David O’Connor stepped up to the plate with a series of assists and his own scoring contribution. Half time score was 0.15 to 0.06 for the home side.

The second thirty was a totally different story, in that Brigids now had the wind at their backs and Dublin goalman Alan Nolan began to land his puckouts on Boden’s twenty. Their scores came quickly and Winters showed his class with a sequence of scored frees, as well as a few decent contributions from play. The Boden lead eventually reached just four with twelve minutes left on the clock. The home side now managed to stop the rot and add further good scores to their tally. Doherty was the main contributor, but Ryan and Eoin O’Neill notched two quality scores to stretch the gap to a reasonably safe margin of six. This opened the door for the score of the evening, a goal of real class, finished by Ryan, but with the assistance of four team colleagues. Winters kept plugging on with his quality frees, but he and his front line found their way blocked from goal by a stubborn and durable Boden rearguard. The game finished with Brigids raiding again, only to find tight lines in their way, backed up by the safe custodianship of goalman Conor O’Donoghue.

Squad; Conor O’Donoghue, James Madden, Luke Corcoran, David O’Connor, David Curtin, Shane Durkin, Dean Curran, Stephen O’Connor, Finn McGarry, Paul Doherty, Aiden Mellett, Niall Ryan, Collie O’Neill, Eoin O’Neill, James Roche, Conor McCormack, Simon Lambert, Naoise Maguire,