Gaelic Football

Boden U10 Footballers victorious at Laois Tournament.

[ Saturday, 9th September 2017 ]

The BBSE U10 boys travelled to Killeshin GAA, Laois on Saturday morning to compete in the Milltown Properties Cup tournament and compete they did! This was the third year of the U10 Tournament hosted by Killeshin GAA and included Round Towers of Naas, Paletine of Carlow and Ballyboden St Endas.

First up for Boden were the fantastic hosts, Killeshin, as the rain gathered over the hillside to give the many supporters a little soaking but this did not impact the boys as Matthew McKenna sent a rocket into the back of the net in the first 3 minutes. This was followed a short time later by two quick points from Sean Homan in the 6th and 7th minute. Next up to score a point was Zach Grady after 8 mins. Kileshin came forward with great pace and energy in the 9th minute only to be denied by Boden’s goalkeeper, Adam Charles, who showed tremendous strength throughout the morning. The St Endas boys were very competitive in midfield with Fiachra Codd’s work rate being noted by many on the sideline. At half time our boys heads were up and they wanted more.                                                                                                                                                                     The second half proved too much for Killeshin as Alan Delaney scored a tremendous goal for Boden 2 minutes into the half, followed by Jack McIntyre 3 minutes later. Killeshin pushed back putting the ball over the bar in the last minute, ending the game 3:03 to 0:01 giving the Boden lads real confidence moving into their second game.

Next up was Paletine of Carlow; a very close first half with a point from Sean Homan after 4 minutes followed by a quick point from Paletine a minute later and another 2 minutes later. Ballyboden seemed to be under pressure but in the 9th minute Homan burst the ball past the unsuspecting Paletine goal keeper to bring us in at half time, 1:01 to 0:02.                                                                                                                                                               As the wind grew stronger during the second half, so too did Boden’s confidence with goals from Jack McIntyre, Ben Herbert and Darragh O’Hare. Paletine scored a great goal in the 4th minute following a point from Fiachra Codd but Boden came through with a 4:02 to 1:02 win.

Round Towers of Naas stepped on to pitch 2 for their final match against BBSE coming from a win and a draw in their previous two games, so this was always going to be a tough one for the boys from St Endas. Ballyboden pushed ahead early with some great hand passing skills from Darragh O’Hare and Matthew Norris followed by a point in the third minute by Adam Charles. Marc Hayes sailed through a minute later for a goal. Round Towers pushed forward with great skill and power but with Oisin McLean defending our goal there was no access for the Round Towers boys. Round Towers sought an alternative route and came at Boden for three successive points just before half time ending the half with Boden 1:01 to 0:03.                                                                                 With only a point in it, the game was on fire with tensions high on both sides. Round Towers took a point in the 2nd minute while the next 5 minutes was a real battle from one end of the pitch to the next. Boden’s Sean Atkinson defended like his life depended on it and refused entry to Round Towers on several occasions. The Naas boys succeeded in launching a free kick over the bar in the 7th minute leaving Boden trailing by 1 point and three minutes to go. Jack O’Reilly in the forward line powered the ball just wide of the Round Towers goal in dramatic fashion but managed to win possession a moment later to keep the ball in the Towers half. With a minute to go, Zach Grady was called upon to take a free kick from 20 meters out and showed real maturity to place the ball over the bar, scoring the equalizer. The game ended 1:02 to 0:05 putting the Ballyboden u 10 Footballers into the final against Killeshin GAA.

As the sun made it’s appearance lighting up the beautiful countryside of Laois, the boys received their final instructions from their management team, Ray Grady and Darren Homan with the support of Brian Delaney.

Killeshin came out in strength for the final, putting a point over the bar in the 2nd minute. The ball was sent soaring from end to end for the next 3 minutes with serious engine power from Conor Quigley, who showed great composure all morning and assisted in many goal and point chances. Jack Cooney took hold of the ball after 5 minutes and there was no stopping him scoring a mighty point at this crucial time to raise the spirits of Boden. Marc Hayes drove Ballyboden into cruise control with a great goal a minute later followed by a point a minute from Delaney and Homan. With two minutes to go, Jack McIntyre fisted a ball into the back of the net ending the first half with 2:03 to 0:02.                                                                                                                                           As Boden took to the field for the second half, the young men’s confidence was high and the sense of team spirit amongst them was obvious. Ben Herbert opened the scores with a quick goal after 1 minute and a point from Homan. Fiachra Codd stepped forward to take a free scoring a point and Jack McIntyre polished another free kick sending the ball high between the posts. Mighty Matthew Norris sent the ball whistling past the Kileshin goalie after 7 minutes and a minute later slotted the ball over the bar for the final point of the game ending in a 4:07 to 0:04 victory to Ballyboden St Endas.

As the numerous supporters, family, umpires, referees and mentors gathered round to congratulate all the boys for such a fantastic tournament, the sixty four kids from various counties stepped forward to receive their medals and plaques while Ballyboden raised the Milltown Properties Cup.

Thanks to our mentors who did great work with the team, to Killeshin GAA for putting on such a great tournament and to all the parents and families that travelled on the day.