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Heartsafety Solutions Presents a Defibrillator to Ballyboden St. Endas.

[ Thu, 7th Sep 2017 ]

The presentation of a defibrillator for deployment in the club gym by David Greville of Heartsafety Solutions to U13 Mentor Dave Kiely, and club chairman, Ciarán Maguire was the culmination of an amazing turn of events involving a lucky escape by the parent of a club juvenile player.  The parent in question felt unwell while driving home from work earlier in the summer and pulled into the Red Cow hotel to call a doctor. He collapsed as he entered the hotel but was extremely lucky in that the hotel has a defibrillator which was donated to them by the Ciarán Carr Foundation. Ciarán Carr was a young Round Tower player who tragically passed away some years ago due to sudden adult death syndrome, and his family and friends formed the foundation in his memory to provide defibrillators and education to clubs and businesses in the Clondalkin area.  

The Ballyboden parent was doubly lucky that there happened to be a trained paramedic in the hotel at the time. This paramedic used the defibrillator donated by the Ciarán Carr foundation to keep the patient alive while waiting for a cardiac ambulance to arrive. Thanks to the presence of the defibrillator in the Red Cow, the bravery of the paramedic and the skill of the ambulance personnel and doctors, this Ballyboden parent survived to tell the tale and was present in the club for the presentation on Thursday night.

Heartsafety Solutions donate a defibrillator to the organisation of choice of any person who survives a heart attack thanks to their equipment. This very lucky parent chose Ballyboden as the recipient of the generous donation, and the unit will be deployed in the club gym in Sancta Maria. We are very grateful to Heartsafety Solutions and to the parent who nominated us for this kind gesture. We hope that we will never have to use the defibrillator, but, in the event that we do, we hope that the outcome is as positive as that of the parent in this story.