Hurley Shop

[ Wednesday, 24th March 2010 ]
This year the shop will be operated by Pat Kenny, Ann O'Connor and Ann McMurrow. There will also be a representative from the Camogie section.
The scheme will operate like last year. 
Over 18 - € 70 for 3 hurls
Under 18 - €55 for 3 hurls.
Repairable hurls will be repaired at no extra cost to the players who are members of the scheme.  (If a player was a member last year, he /she must join again to get the benefits.... and of course three new hurleys)
Ann and Ann will keep details of membership on behalf of  the club.   Pat will look after the purchase of hurls.  We are extremly grateful to all involved in running hte scheme. Special thanks to Gerry Maher who ran the scheme on his own for the past few years.
Players can of course buy hurls outside the scheme at full cost to themselves.