Gaelic Football

Michael Darragh Macauley

[ Sunday, 26th June 2011 ]
Name:Michael Darragh Macauley  
Club:Baile Buadáin Naomh Éanna
Date of birth:21/8/1986
Weight: 93kg
If you could merge three players into one to make the Athlete (use as appropriate) who would they be and why?  Lebron James – he’s the most athletic person on the planet, Rafael Nadal – he’s a great competitor,  Usain Bolt – for his ridiculous speed
If your life was to be made into a movie what actor would you like to play the role?: Gabourey Sidibe
Who is the vainest person on the team?  Eamon Fennell – He’s been named on so many of these surveys I know he’s not even bothered!                                                                              Photo:
Who has the worst haircut on the team? Seanie Murray BUT its soon to be the best hair on the team, watch this space…
Best day in blue?: Beating Tyrone’s a bita craic
Worst day in blue?: Losing to Cork isn’t much craic
Favourite current player(s)?:Bernard Brogan's alright
Favourite player(s) from the past?:  Brian Mullins
If you had the power to change one rule in Gaelic football/hurling what would it be and why?: I liked the mark rule, there’s not enough clean fielding in the modern game,
Favourite position on the field of play?:Midfield
If you could have been a spectator at any sporting occasion of the past what occasion would you choose?:  Ali Vs George Foreman – Rumble in the Jungle
Player for the future?: Darragh Nelson
Toughest opponent in Dublin camp and toughest opponent from rest of country?:  All the midfielders have some good battles against each other, Paddy Keenan from Louth is handy
Pet hates?: Serial ‘updaters’ on facebook
Any superstitions?: Yeah loads, little things I do with clothes I wear and preparation. And the ‘Spoon’ if necessary
‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ it’s phone a friend time, who do you call?: Walter Prizeman
If a transfer market existed in Gaelic games who would you like to see signed for Dublin?: Benny Coulter maybe, although he’d be doing well to get into our full forward line
Tip for All-Ireland SFC/SHC?: Dubs double – money in the bag
Favourite other sports and sportsperson?: Lebron James – although he’s close to being replaced after his performance in the NBA finals
Greatest achievement to date?:County Champion
Sporting ambitions?:To be Champion of the World