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Player Profile - Ladies Footballer Aisling Farrelly

[ Monday, 3rd December 2012 ]

Dual club All Ireland winner Aisling Farrelly meets up with Sinead Ryan to discuss her pet likes and hates and how she's looking forward to fighting Sile Ni Coitir!

 Height: 5 foot 4"

 Fave Food: Mexican

 Fave Music: Two door cinema club

 Fave TV: Downton Abbey

 Fave Book: Kite runner

 Favourite Grounds: Parnell park

 What has been your greatest moment in sport? Winning all ireland with the club in 2004 and 2005

 Who was the toughest opponent you ever faced? Cora Staunton

 What are your hobbies? Cinema, running, shopping

 What are your vices?  Can be talked into anything!

 Nominate the laziest trainer: Orla Smith

 GAA Gripes? Why ladies football is not under the same GAA umbrella

 Childhood heroes? MacGyver

 Do you play any other sports?  Attempt camogie from time to time

 Do you have any superstitions before a match? Need to have breakfast at home with the folks

 The highest point of your career to date? Co-captaining all Ireland in 2005

 Biggest Disappointment: Losing All Ireland semi final in Carnacon

 Other players with a promising future: Katie Murphy

 Ways of improving GAA: Continually revising training and fitness techniques to keep players interested

 Favourite Personal Saying or term of abuse: Would ya leave it out

 Pet Hates: Moany people

 What advice would you give to young players? Stick with it, friends made through sport will be there for life

 How would you like to be remembered? As someone who didnt take things too seriously

Tell us a bit about the white collar boxing!: Well like most people watching Katie Taylor this summer i was hooked and thought 'that looks easy enough'! When i heard about the post Christmas training regime i thought that this was my excuse to go nuts in December and Michael Curruth could whip me into shape in January. Looking forward to some new training methods, pushing myself to the limit and an opportunity to punch Sile Cotter!