Gaelic Football

U16 A Football League - 1st round

[ Saturday, 10th February 2018 ]

Match Stats:
Venue: Pleurisy Park - formally known as Sancta Maria
Opponents: Our old friends / enemies - Kilmacud Crokes
Atmosphere: Hostile - sorry, competitive
Total Shots: Lots
Shots on target: Few
Shots on posts, uprights and crossbar: Far too many
Completed passes: If you include the ones straight to the opposition - then 100%
Turnovers: More than Brennans Bread produce in a calendar year.
Average distance covered: Half of what the management covered, up and down the sideline.
Heartrate: Borderline aneurism 
Workrate: Frantic
Final Score: BBSE 1-14 Kilmacud 3-7
Verdict: Don't want to go through that again
Standout performances: Harry Colcough, Ryan O'Dwyer, Dean Jackson, Luke Byrne and Oran for the game saving block alone!
Up next: St. Pats of Donabate - Away - Saturday 17th Feb - pack the picnic!!